The Pegase Moto tracker is like a small box (8X4 cm) which is fixed under the bike seat and is connected to the bike’s battery in just 2 minutes flat. Protection guaranteed in the blink of an eye ! As soon as someone touches your motorbike, you will receive an alert via text message, email or phone notification, to warn you of a possible theft. If, despite all these means, your bike is stolen, all is not lost as Pegase Moto will help you find it, due to its unique geolocalisation system which is ultra precise and sends up to 4 positions per second. Concretely, your motorbike is located within 1 meter which allows the Police to intervene rapidly to recover your vehicle within two hours on average. Happily, people don’t try to steal your bike everyday ! Pegase Moto is also very useful on a daily basis as it will allow you to find and check out your itineraries, your maximum speeds and even your lean angle as you take the bends. All is recorded on the app.

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