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Pad. 15P S48

For over 35 years, we’ve been developing and producing high-quality accessories for BMW motorcycles since 1989. Our components make riding your motorcycle more comfortable, more ergonomic and safer. Everything for your riding pleasure and safety. Today, our programme comprises well over 3,800 items for all current models and for the older model series. Our product development means we’re always in tune with the times and both our success as well as our customers confirm this. We are pleased to have been able to establish ourselves as number 1 around the world for high-quality BMW motorcycle accessories. We couldn’t have done it if one very special thing hadn’t driven us from the start: our own passion and pleasure for motorcycles and riding! We're simply enthralled by what we do on a daily basis and we hope you can feel this. We take joy in our work. And if we can pass on even just a little piece of that to you, then we’ve already achieved our goal.


Pad. 15P - Stand S48
Pad. 15P - Stand S48
Pad. 15P - Stand S48
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